How Can We Change

The great experiment of capitalism has borne witness to many spectacular events, capabilities, and “achievements”; a scale of mass change without precedent.

Using Photography As a Social Benefit

When I was asked to help out the Mental Health Association of Frederick County, my mind swarmed with ideas. The first goal was to enhance the offering of their upcoming gala, the Catoctin Affair.  Attended by more than 500 area residents, this black tie event has become more of an event than just a local…

Authentically Yours – A Promotional Video for Washington County, MD

I created this video commissioned by  Visit Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland as part of their tourism promotional material.  I filmed all over Washington County for 15 months.  Documenting authentic connections between people and the places, highlighting accessible itineraries for individuals, groups, and families while attempting to showcase the inherent beauty of the many natural areas…

Seeing Sound a Koan

Look. Look out at the water. Look, at the water. Look at The water. Look again. See? See that sound? See, That sound? See, that Sound. One hand. One hand clapping.One hand, clapping.Know the nature of your own reflection. Look. See. Know.#phone #reflection #koan #lake #smokeymirror #abstract #water #cownsgap

Beneath The Busy Surface Mind

Every moment new, fresh, never before and never again – yet so much of it I trade for the future or squander on futile attempts to rewrite the past.

Lost Until Found

What is it that calls to you, that calls to you from within your being?  What demands your attention so fiercely that you go to all lengths to avoid it?  What speaks so softly, so swiftly to your soul that just listening brings you to your edge and your eyes begin to weep?  This is where you should put your days efforts.  This is your soulcraft!


  I wonder how much less the perpetual waves of life’s tide knocks me down  Than it is how I am perceiving the knitted patterns in their own Way of unfolding Is it not so much the ordinary moments than it is the riptide I carry within me And what company is the stranger within;…

The Grace of Hope

Shhhh…can hear that? It is the quiet voice of hope…a small maple sapling takes life from an old old maple tree trunk struck by lighting; amid the towering canopy of trees that long ago filled the hole from the fallen matriarch.

We Ourselves In Here Not Others Out There

Generosity radiated from the heart makes way for the heart to open and clear understanding becomes possible.