Day and night Sun and rain Within the momentary pattern Of noughts and crosses A moment of potential  Arises and recedes.  Burkittsville, Maryland 

This is Where I Live

  THIS IS WHERE I LIVE This is where I live, work, and play. I enjoy and am am nourished inside and out by the South Mountain region, so much, I decided to make it my home. This passion, imbued with my training as a naturalist, educator, and community builder, wanted to share a spoonful…

Where To Start

The soul always starts a thought with an image. —ARISTOTLE How is it then that you will lend grace to your heart in this day?  What image will you start with today?

Did You Hear About The Guy Who Shaved a Yak

Yak shaving refers, according to google as the seemingly endless tasks that need to be finished for a programming project to move to the next phase.  I have heard Seth Godin refer to as something like the absurd edges one would go to rather then face the vulnerability of sharing an uncomfortable truth with someone. …