Using Photography As a Social Benefit

When I was asked to help out the Mental Health Association of Frederick County, my mind swarmed with ideas. The first goal was to enhance the offering of their upcoming gala, the Catoctin Affair.  Attended by more than 500 area residents, this black tie event has become more of an event than just a local…

Authentically Yours – A Promotional Video for Washington County, MD

I created this video commissioned by  Visit Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland as part of their tourism promotional material.  I filmed all over Washington County for 15 months.  Documenting authentic connections between people and the places, highlighting accessible itineraries for individuals, groups, and families while attempting to showcase the inherent beauty of the many natural areas…

Lost Until Found

What is it that calls to you, that calls to you from within your being?  What demands your attention so fiercely that you go to all lengths to avoid it?  What speaks so softly, so swiftly to your soul that just listening brings you to your edge and your eyes begin to weep?  This is where you should put your days efforts.  This is your soulcraft!

Moments – Fleeting and Unknown

This ever fleeting moment – a felt sense of eternity. And Forever-ness the nemosis of Now; a tonic we use to numb the mind from the burns from the comet – time.  Yet it is the very constancy of change that gives the flickers that dance across the night sky of our striatum it’s sweet…

Extraordinary Clarity

I came to know my father better in his death than I had in life.  Sad though I am  His Voice still now like the fog wrapped around the pine at the side of the house.  His body a constant spring of mouse trap pains -no more His love of life bigger than this world…

In Flow 

An exploration and reflection on presence, suffering, and states of attachment; through the lenses of words and photograph.

Offset offering Time-stoping Moments in Photographs of the Every Changing Potomac River

  The time stoping moments in beautiful photographs of the every changing Potomac River is now being offered for purchase through the Offset Collection.  Offset offers authentic imagery by award-winning artists.     More about Offset: Offset artists are visual storytellers with a deep passion for their craft. Images in the Offset collection are gathered from world-class and award-winning…

Common Market Coop: Share Our Strengths Creating Personal Value

What is an employee of the month recognition? Something I learned while photographing members of the produce department at The Common Market Co-op  in Frederick Maryland was that a recognition program can be good for business, the wellbeing of its people, and can create a regenerative process that enables two-way conversations with customers. 

The Hidden Power of Vulnerability 

No living human has pardon from vulnerability. What if our key weaknesses are our strengths? The key is learning when we resist and or shut down.

Exploring The Near To Us

We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time. ~ T.S. Eliot in Four Quartets