The Path Ahead


Fear is an emotional response that often causes confusion.

Standing behind the lens looking into a strangers eyes. Seeing someone as they rarely get to to themselves sometimes feels terrifying. Trembling and fumbling with the buttons of the camera and dials on the lens.
Noticing the racing. The tight breath. And what I see before me I begin to connect. Asking open ended questions. Paying attention to what my senses “see”. Going towards the fear – it shrinks.
But when I am truly present behind the lens, notions of success and failure lose their footing. A slippery slope becomes accessible. The fear falls away and the confusion dissipates, allowing me to see the world differently.
There is the subject including the foreground and background, the camera, the connection through the photographer, and the light. The settings of the camera are simply adjustments to enable what I am seeing in my body and experiencing outside my body to come together in a creative expression of equivalency.
Connected to each of the elements that make up a photograph, the path ahead is clear. One breath – one click at a time.

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