Moments – Fleeting and Unknown

This ever fleeting moment – a felt sense of eternity. And Forever-ness the nemosis of Now; a tonic we use to numb the mind from the burns from the comet – time.  Yet it is the very constancy of change that gives the flickers that dance across the night sky of our striatum it’s sweet sweet taste. 
Our clinging to time’s vapors – the ideas of the moments; it is this that produces the dredge felt within as moments recognized and labeled  move out of reach like a kite slipping away with the wind. 
Clutching thoughts  is like clawing at the air. False self points to memory and calls this that. The notion of said I attempts to trick the heart into ignoring what it knows. And trading Truth for a magician’s tale of security. 
Our belabored hands worn and dusty from the trail. And yet our own heart so near and yet unknown. And it is often the Unknown we fear the most. #momentsoftime #beherenow #time #awareness #embodiment #now

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