Seeing Sound a Koan

08.08.17 11:40 AM By John - Comment(s)

Look out at the water.
Look, at the water.
Look at The water.
Look again.
See that sound?
See, That sound?
See, that Sound.
One hand.
One hand clapping.
One hand, clapping.
Know the nature of your own reflection.
Look. See. Know.
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06.13.17 03:33 AM By John - Comment(s)
Poppy in Waterford Village  I wonder how much less the perpetual waves of life's tide knocks me down  Than it is how I am perceiving the knitted patterns in their own Way of unfolding Is it not so much the ordinary moments than it is the riptide I carry within me And what company is the s...

The Grace of Hope

05.18.17 01:06 PM By John - Comment(s)
The quite gentle and steady sound of hope. #hope #silence #newlife #transformation #listen #dawn #beauty

Alchemy of Place

04.05.17 12:00 PM By John - Comment(s)
Know where are you Know where it is your heart would have your feet be still Know too the lineage of all the stones that crisscross here Keepers of the wells past present and future Joiner of the spells; skyline the hearts suiter  And be for it not Yesterday's volition today's future 


04.02.17 09:02 PM By John - Comment(s)
Water trough on a wind swept abandoned farm in Marshall, VaSilence  When it comes from within  And all around you  And if the heart is wide-open Silence receives you; The cadence of such is deafening.  Transcending perception's ivory and ebony keys  The notes, the thrust an...