My First Photo Contest Entry

12.06.19 04:34 PM By John - Comment(s)

I spent most of my time outdoors in nature. Frequently I saw shy wild animals and beautiful scenes. So I took my old manual 35 mm camera with me whenever I could. One photo stands out to me of all of hundreds that I took. Near the end of summer break between fifth and sixth grade I made a photo that...

Enso Series: Tuned

04.17.18 11:48 AM By John - Comment(s)
  ENSO — Tuned to transitions, chaos, and empty pails.   I am a poet. Thresholds are my doorstep and any hearth is my home. The benign the ordinary these sing a chorus with my soul.   Fresh new dirt from the compost worth so much more than gold. The small starlight twinkle in my gran...

Clay Vessels

04.15.18 10:46 PM By John - Comment(s)
Clay Vessels   All of our lives made of clay Our hearts, our minds, and each day.   And those who love us   Shape and mold us   Their fingerprints remain   Forever part of the vessel. #reflecting #metaphor #nikonusa #gratitude #interdependence #potter #potterywheel

How Can We Change

10.02.17 11:27 AM By John - Comment(s)

  This is how a human being can change.
There is a worm
addicted to eating grape leaves.
Suddenly, he wakes up,
call it grace, whatever, something
wakes him, and he is no longer a worm.
He is the entire vineyard,
and the orchard too, the fruit, the trunks,
a growing wisdom and joy
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