Watercolor in the Ocean

02.17.20 11:58 AM Comment(s)

Watercolor in the Ocean

The experienced

Creates the paint;

My watercolor life

I was sitting in reflection when my mind began recalling difficult and traumatic experiences from childhood.  

I became curious about these memories in the way they were coming up, 

As I watched these memories, they slowly transformed into colored dust.  

I then noticed that my life force was the water that and it was converting these colors into paints.  

Then I noticed that these paints were used to create the picture of This lived moment.  

The paper was this moment of noticing nested at the edge of a blue-green sea

And then I noticed the waves that continually ebbed and flowed across the painted paper

Moving the lines and swirling the colors of the images painted, 

And new the images arising with the strokes of the brush of my awareness

And the waves then washing it all together in circular motions.