Connecting To Place - Blackwater Falls, West Virginia

01.14.20 06:03 PM By John - Comment(s)
This place where I grew up, it intertwined with my heart and held me as I grew. To this day this land still holds me though I often mourn my physical distance from it.


06.13.17 03:33 AM By John - Comment(s)
Poppy in Waterford Village  I wonder how much less the perpetual waves of life's tide knocks me down  Than it is how I am perceiving the knitted patterns in their own Way of unfolding Is it not so much the ordinary moments than it is the riptide I carry within me And what company is the s...

I am Nobody and yet...

11.29.16 08:11 AM By John - Comment(s)
  Bethlehem Steel Plant at sunset Bethlehem Steel Plant at sunset photograph by John Canan
I am nobody:A red sinking autumn sun          Took my name away.  by Richard Wright from  "Haiku: This Other World"